At Arixle Solutions, we are a group of passionate people who work on various technologies to achieve the client commitment beyond the expectations. We provide our people an opportunity to enhance their professional as well as personal skills. We conduct personal training programs to improve individual soft skills and team skills. We also provide enough space and time to adopt new technologies.

Arixle Solutions is looking for focused, brilliant, committed to work and creative candidates who can be a part of our team. We appreciate our people to express and explore novel ideas.

Arixle Solutions is defined by its workforce, who demonstrates confidence and humbleness at the same time, taking immense pride in their work morals and deliverables.

What companies and potential employers look for?

  1. Someone who takes initiatives, has confidence and has the right spirit to march forth
  2. Willing to adjust and collaborate with various work cultures and cultural differences
  3. Is someone who would listen actively, contribute to the team, is a born leader and can motivate
  4. Works well with those around him or her, understands their point of view and appreciates individuality at the same time
  5. Has excellent inter and intra personal skills, which would allow him or her to work in harmony without judging or evaluating others too much
  6. Is someone who accepts and owns responsibilities, and is a “people’s person” at the end of the day.

Skills needed to be an effective team player

  1. You should be a good listener, and this would allow you to demonstrate to others that your point of view is as acceptable as theirs and vice-versa. Active listening allows you to build on the ideas given to you by the team.
  2. Ask questions as and when you need to, especially when understanding the objectives around. Questions can be asked to anyone in the team, not only the leader.
  3. Be persuasive and allow your ideas to flow, but defend them only when you need to rethink their motives. Appreciate others point of views too.
  4. Respect is very important and that leads to trust. Positive criticism is important too, but choose your words wisely when giving feedback.
  5. Help, share and participate when working in a team. And by doing this, every single team player would benefit.

Have you thought of using the STAR technique?

  1. S stands for the “situation”, you need to define that. For example, checking on where you are right now, what you are doing now, and who are you with at the moment. This would help you expand your knowledge about others in the team.
  2. T stands for “Task”, which means focusing on your aim and how you would like to achieve it.
  3. A stands for the “Action” you would like to take. Be clear with what you would want to do head and how you would like to play the part.
  4. R stands for “Results”, here you would take stock of what you accomplished or achieved, individually and as well as a part of the team.

Managing your Career would be much easier with the guidance and help from experts. If you need any consultation which would bring out the best in you, do get in touch with our expert panel and they would love to show you the way.

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