Enterprise Solutions

Arixle has the capability of performing project through Off-Shore consulting, Staff augmentation and fixed cost product development in various technologies. We are domain agnostic and house technological brilliance within us which allows us to partner with you at any required level.

Here is a brief list of technologies that we are involved in

  • C#.Net development
  • Java
  • Website and web based user products
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • ETL/BI/Reporting
  • Databases
  • Php, python and other open source
  • Core SQL
  • Mobile App Development
  • IoT


Our consultants are skilled in implementations, enhancements, integrations, configurations, building interfaces, and framework-fixes for a list of systems that are most commonly used by ‘Healthcare Providers’.


Technology migrations have become increasingly common as organizations face and embrace the digital economy. The transition can sometimes be difficult and fraught with pitfalls, mostly due to business impacts, the number of unknowns, and the process and cost of the migration itself. Migration can consume a significant portion of the enterprise. Having the right partnership and careful planning can help mitigate many of the risks and ensure a smoother migration.

Inevitably, all organizations face the prospect of a technology migration where capabilities are transferred to a new set of technologies, supporting and enabling the business for the future. However, technology migrations are not always smooth and painless. There are risks involved throughout the migration, including a very significant risk of business impact. Migrations and upgrades can present substantial uncertainty regardless of the business and technology drivers. This uncertainty can result in a minor speed bump or an expensive outage, depending on an organization’s skill-sets and appetite for risk.

The key to a successful technology migration starts with careful planning, an open mind, and the right partnership to manage the risks and ensure success. At Arixle, we partner with all levels of the enterprise to meet their needs for successful technology migrations by bringing to bear our people, processes, and considerable expertise.

Maintenance & Support

Many organisations need to customise applications to better serve the needs of their business, inevitably adding to the complexity of their IT environment. Tailored solutions become an ongoing challenge for support and maintenance teams more used to running a standardised environment.

Arixle Managed Application Support provides support for all of your custom-built software, taking ownership of in-house and third-party solutions as well as those developed by our own team.

Irrespective of complexity and diversity, we provide the most cost-effective support while ensuring the highest quality of service. Our team of qualified experts will take proactive steps to prevent problems from arising, helping you stay on top of your applications and resolve issues quickly if something does go wrong.