Ranneeti – Election Management for Karnataka-2018

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018

Total 224 assembly seats

Election Facts

  • 80% election result varies under 5% of vote share
  • 90% of  elections results depend on better planning and focus workout.
  • Man management and ground work is the key factor for any election successes.
  • Data  management / Right Approach / Communication plays major role.
  • Booth management and last election booth summery also very helpful for planning and management

About "Ranneeti - Every Vote Counts"

"Ranneeti" is a powerfull tool for your Election campaigning. Now you can make your ''Prachar'' hi-tech with our technology. You will find some new important techniques of campaigning here. Classification of your voter list by various types and voter name searching is now very easy. Some new reports like voter list by references, key person voter list, Karyakarta wise voter list, Family Report, Surname Report, Double name voter list are introduced in Ranneeti.

Ranneeti is completely cloud based and available Android Mobile

Assembly Analysis

  • Surname Wise
  • Surname Address Wise
  • Big Family Votes
  • Age Wise (Young)
  • Gender Wise
  • Voter Search
  • Voter Density
  • Booth Wise Addresses
  • Address Wise Voter
  • Address Slips
  • Alphabetical Voter List
  • New / Deleted Voters
  • Repeated Voters

Past Election Analysis

Booth Wise Past Election Analysis

Voter Survey

Ran-neeti survey dashboard shows Red -Green Graph of your assembly. This feature helps you to define your Favorable and Unfavorable voters. With the help of this feature you have a clear picture of election result statistics. Here you can set target that, I must have these number of votes to win the election. Colour Green and Red shows your votes and strength of your counter parts. According to this, you can make your strategy to get your targeted votes. Favorable voters option have function to get a list of favorable and unfavorable voters.

Volunteer Networking

Party Karyakarta | Candidate’s Aide | Community Leader | Social Influences | Young Leaders

Election Survey

  • Deployment
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Training
  • Motivating
  • Mobile Number
  • Cast Information
  • Party Inclination
  • Candidate Inclination
  • Family Status
  • Employment Status

Other Services For Election

  • Live Polling Management
  • Deployment of team in every booth
  • Reporting from booth via App
  • Consolidating Gross Voting in Every 30 Minutes
  • Building strategies based upon voting pattern
  • Mobilizing Team
  • Resources efficiently
  • Other Services For Election
  • Mobile Application
  • Pre-Poll Survey
  • 24X7 helpline No.
  • Voter Data Survey
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Voice Solution
  • Election Management Software
  • Campaign Management
  • Polling Day Management
  • Help line Solutions
  • Professional Website
  • Last Election Analysis